Monday, 30 March 2009

Upcoming race: Bangalore Sunfeast 10k

So after a lot of going back and forth, the Sunfeast 10k organizers finally settled on a date (May 31st) and opened up the registrations. I want to run it seriously and am aiming at a sub 50 minute target time -- pace of 5:00 min/KM or 12 KM/H. My current best 10k time stands at 54 minutes 40 seconds.

Now, I want to follow a training plan, but there is a problem. Most 10k training plans which I saw have a very short long run (oxymoron alert!). My conundrum is that I want to run a marathon in August. It will be my first marathon, but like an idiot, I'm not sticking to any training plan. Confident (arrogant?), that if I maintain (or increase) my current weekly mileage and manage to do a 20 miler before the marathon, I can cross the finish line.

So on the one hand I want to train for the 10k and finish with a fast time (well, at least according to my standards), but on the other hand I don't want to risk loosing out on my weekly mileage. Wonder what to do?

But apart from all that, I feel that a 10k would be an enjoyable event for beginner runners and others alike. If you have some running base, go google for some beginner 10k plans and see what fits you.


Tanvir Kazmi said...

So how is your training going for the 10K. Go for a great sub 50 timing! That can potentially translate into a sub two half marathon and a sub 4 full marathon.

Rohit said...

Right now I'm just putting in some tempo runs and intervals during the week.

I have decided to train using the Runner's World intermediate program. It's 5 weeks long, so I haven't started it yet (because there is more than 5 weeks left to the race).