Sunday, 8 March 2009

Longest run till date

I ran 28.2 KM yesterday at Cubbon Park. My longest run till date. We reached Cubbon at 5:30 AM and started the run. I wanted to break my previous best long run (24.5 KM), so I was at the back of the pack from the beginning.

My run consisted of 4 loops of Cubbon park -- each loop being 5 KM -- totalling 20 KM. At the end of that I was feeling it, so I thought I will just run rounds of Queen's Park, which has a much shorter loop -- 730 m. I ran and ran and ran and could have run some more, but it was time to head back home.

At the end of it, my Garmin read 28.2 KM in 3:05:36. Average pace being 6:35 (9.1 KM/H).


Rake said...

f*ck..3 hours!!!..damn thats looong.