Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Routine Post

  • I have joined the Fitness Fervor bandwagon. Learn more about its objectives here. The list of fitness cabals I'm a part of grows further.
  • March comes to an end. It was an excellent month for running. For the first time, my monthly running mileage has crossed the 200 KM mark.
  • I officially announce that I quit my kickboxing classes at the beginning of this month. BAM! Take that!
  • Now that I no longer have kickboxing to occupy myself in the evenings, I need to take up some other activity.
  • I have been watching the video below at least 5 times everyday since Sunday morning. Always makes me want to go out and run more.


Anonymous said...

Did you do cardio kickboxing?

Rohit said...

No, the other one wherein you hit people and people hit you. Of course, like any other martial art, we had to do a lot of exercises.