Friday, 27 March 2009

Nandi Hills Run

We started early morning at 5:15 AM -- woke up at 4 AM.

It took us a little more than an hour to reach the base of Nandi Hills.

The run up to the top is around 7.2 KM. The first 5 KM is a gradual incline and the final stretch is steep -- really steep. In the steep part, the speeds were reduced to a 9:40/KM pace (around 6.5 KM/H), which is more like brisk walking than running -- but I was running.

Traffic was sparse, except for some really speedy bikers (there were a bunch of cyclists as well). Few harmless monkeys were also spectating.

The first run up took just under 50 minutes.

Downhill, was fun. It's relaxing and you get to appreciate the sights of Nandi Hills more, as compared to when you are on a bike or in a car. First downhill took me 41 minutes. At the end of the first round we had covered around 14.4 KM.

The second round uphill was pain, lots of pain. The sun was up and the hill wanted more respect. I jogged the first 5 KM and for the hard part, I ended up doing a run-walk-run. Second uphill time was 61 minutes. At the end of which, we goofed-off a bit and clicked more pictures.

The final downhill run was in the sun. And it was done leisurely. The sun was really beating down and towards the end I was really thirsty -- all water was consumed during the uphill run. Last downhill was around 59 mins.

Final statistics:

My longest run till date. The pace (7:10/KM or 8.5 KM/H) is nothing to write home about, but it was a great experience overall.


Rake said...

wow!..thats all i can say. \m/

roopscoop said...

heyy!! good stuff? was it straight running all distance? no intervals?

i've done 5K before, only with intervals, not on an incline .... so i guess i got a lot to learn from u ;)

welcome on fitness forever!!

Rohit said...


Thanks dude.


Well we took a 3 min break after each 7k (uphill/downhill), but no resting in between.