Wednesday, 4 March 2009

First sparring session

I had my first sparring session, in my kickboxing class, today. After training for almost two months I got to spar only now. I was confident of doing it almost a month back, but every Wednesday -- which is supposed to be the day when the sparring sessions happen -- there would be a shortage of people bringing their boxing gloves. Well, today was not so.

The rounds were of 1 minute each. The rules, though unsaid, were simple: two persons to a fight; kick and box; nothing below the waist. Ashwin was keeping a watch.

After my first round, I was asked if I was tired. I said "No". So I was asked to go against another new opponent. After that got over, I was asked to go against another opponent. So three rounds continuously for me, on my first day. The first two rounds were against guys, the third one against a girl -- where Ashwin told her, "Finish him off; he is tired". Reassuring.

The three rounds were decent, and I was content for having landed a fair number of punches and kicks, while not being completely dominated.

The fourth round which I fought -- after letting others have a go at it -- was against a towering, potent guy who holds an orange belt. I don't remember as much as touching him, but I got my ass whopped. People watching commented that I have good defence technique and thank god for that.

Things learnt:

1. While sparring don't get angry and fight. The person whom you are sparring against is only your opponent, not your enemy. You don't want to go all out.

2. Thinking while fighting is hard. You can't do something like, "OK, so ... ummm ... let me do a left jab, right hook and follow up with a roundhouse kick ... oh no wait ..." BOOM! You get hit.

3. Keep your guard up; protect your face; all the time. I think I was left standing in the fourth round, only because of that.

4. Don't turn away. I saw many people doing this. They would throw some punches, kicks, get tired, turn and walk to create some distance between them and their opponent. When you show your back, you are giving away free hits. You keep guard in front of you, not behind.

5. Running helps. I'm in pain, but not tired.

6. Sparring is not pretty to look at. You might get some solid knocks, but there won't be people doing cartwheels and kicking you at the same time.

I like sparring, but I don't want it to affect my running. My right shin has been paining for more than an hour. So is my right arm. I have nice little red marks on my face. I hope everything becomes all right by tomorrow morning.


Rake said...

Somehow I always ended up having the opponent have a go at me first and then quickly counter. But the counter attack has to be quick..pretty effective during tournaments. Plus I always used to lift my front leg up..prevents the opponent to get too close to me and you are always ready for a kick. damn!..your post really brought back ol' memories :D

Rohit said...


Yeah man I remember you teaching me keeping the front leg up. Good thing that I learnt that when I was a kid, it helped me yesterday :) So, thank you!

Rake said...

lol!! :D