Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This water is delicious

Warning: Long fitness related, sometimes (mostly?) self-appreciatory post.

Last Sunday I managed to cross the 21.1 KM distance threshold. Our long distance run in GKVK ended up being 24.5 KM covered in a little over 2 hrs 30 mins. Although we started early (6:30 AM) the sun was out in the latter half of the run -- damn you global warming! The run ended like most of the long distance runs: relief with a sense of accomplishment -- followed by calmness throughout the rest of the day, because you don't have the energy to get irritated. And yes, the water was delicious.

On Monday I received, by post, the second book on running which I had ordered online: Chi Running. I love receiving things by post -- bills and bank statements excluded. It's unexpected and always holds a surprise. But anyway ... where was I? ... yes, Chi Running. The author of the book -- Danny Dreyer -- claims to combine the teachings of T'ai Chi into running, making the activity enjoyable and injury-free. How cool is that? So, during my (free) Monday evening, I proceeded to imbibe 100 odd pages of the book. I was all excited to try out the new running form and mystical things such as 'body-sensing', 'cotton and steel' etc.

Today was going to be the day. I had planned a 12 KM tempo run with a pace of 5:27/KM (11 KM/H), and I was going to do it Chi Style! I warm-up and get on the treadmill. I push in the numbers and the belt starts moving. I'm thinking of relaxing my legs, tilting my body forward, focusing on my breathing, using my Chi (whatever that means). I'm running in a new posture. I look at the distance: 300m. And suddenly it happens: a seething pain in my left knee. I push some more, the pain doesn't go away. I stop the treadmill. I try again the pain still comes back. Dejected, I retire and have an early lunch.

I won't blame Chi Running for my failed run (yet). It was stupid on my part, to try out a new style at a challenging pace without resting properly after my longest run till date (I have always given 2 days rest after all my half marathons).

Evening arrives. I have my self defence class. There was going to be a yellow-belt test (you know right, martial art levels ... white, yellow, orange ... lot of other colours in between ... black). The test is split over two days, with the first day testing your endurance and the second day testing technique. Today being the endurance part. Given my knee issue, the rational part of my brain decides that it would be foolish to take the test. But no, stupidity reigns supreme. When the class started and instructor asks who all are taking the test, I find my hand raised.

The test was one and a half hours of exhaustion, pain and dehydration. Here is what all we did:
  • 20 minutes free running -- Different from regular running in that you have to jump over obstacles, take a roll, jump again etc. It's more tiring as well.
  • 30 pushups -- Wasn't too difficult.
  • 2 minutes ironman
  • 100 crunches
  • 100 leg raises
  • 1 minute side bridge on each side
  • 100 squats
  • 200 counts bouncing cross
  • 500 punches
  • 500 kicks -- At 200 kicks, I was wondering whether I would collapse.
At the end of it, I was proud to be standing. My clothes were drenched as if I had been out playing Holi. I came back home and the water was delicious.


d_grail said...

After 30 crunches I feel I should reward myself with at least a Dairy Milk!!
Why do you put yourself through all this?

Rohit said...


I don't know. It keeps me occupied and maybe so that I can brag about it later.

Rake said...

Wow awesome!! .. Damn you can do anything!! 100 crunches pretty much qualifies as "anything" for me. Impressive indeed!