Monday, 16 February 2009

Things you may not know about runners

Still high from my last race, I'm going to ramble more about running. This time around things about runners which are not that obvious.
  1. Runners come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Don't judge how good a runner is just by looking. An older person with a paunch may very well be stronger/faster than you.
  2. Most runners whom I know are not health freaks; they love their food. The motivation for an early morning long run is almost always the breakfast which follows.
  3. Running and beer are not mutually exclusive ... and thank god for that.
  4. A corollary of all the above is: don't expect long distance runners to have six (eight?) packs.
  5. Not all runners love running.


Rake said...

i totally agree on point no. 3.