Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tonsillitis strikes back

When I was young -- like 6-7 years old young -- me and my brother used to suffer from constant coughing and throat pain. The cause was attributed to tonsillitis. Afraid of operating it, my parents took us to a homeopathy clinic. The "medicines" suggested by the "doctor" worked and we were "cured" ... or so we all thought.

Two years ago, I had a tonsillitis attack. A few months before this, my brother also had the same problem. All grown-up and knowledgeable, I concluded:
  1. My tonsillitis had not been cured.
  2. Homeopathy is really not medicine.
Tonsillitis is not entertaining. Anything you swallow feels like someone sticking a rod into your gullet. Every single gulp is torture.

Yesterday, while I was basking in the glory of having obtained my yellow-belt, I felt some irritation in my throat. Suspecting cold/cough, I downed my handy remedy of a cetirizine tablet and some cough syrup (not recommending it to anyone). It didn't have any effect. Right then and there I knew what it was, my old nemesis: tonsillitis.

From my recent past illness I have learnt some obvious, but very important things which need to be done:
  1. See a doctor. No the illness will not go away on its own. Doesn't matter if you are feeling better than what you were feeling an hour ago. Go see a doctor.
  2. Take rest. Doesn't matter how fit you are; diseases have killed soldiers. People feel like they are heroes, when they work while sick. They are in fact spreading disease, performing at sub-par levels and deteriorating their own condition.
  3. Crocin, Disprin, Digene, Pudin-Hara etc. don't cure everything. Take advice from the person suggested in point 1.
Having learnt the lesson, I have medicines prescribed by an ENT specilialist. I took a break from both running and kickboxing (at least today). I cannot afford to fall sick, with another half-marathon approaching -- believe me, getting back to form after an illness is a task. I hope I can be rational and patient.