Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Routine Post Part Deux

These posts are getting quite common now (I resisted the temptation to call it 'routine'), maybe I should give it a special name ... riposte anyone?
  • Lance Armstrong made his comeback to cycling in the Tour Down Under (Australia). He finished 29th, with Allan Davis being the winner. Lance says that he came back to raise awareness for cancer. That might be one of the reasons, but I think it's more because cycling is his passion.
  • Talking of reporters. It seems that Barkha Dutt and her lawyers are after bloggers who wrote about her handling of the Mumbai terror attacks. I came across one such case. Where is the line between free speech and defamation?
  • And talking of attacks against women, I feel that self defense is necessary for the common people who become victims. I came across Wing Chun recently. Legend has it that it was a martial art created by a woman of the same name. A warlord was trying to forcibly marry her, but agreed that if she could defeat her in a fight he'll withdraw his 'proposal'. And guess what? She wins the fight. The art works on economy of motion and efficiency. It's smooth and elegant to watch. The most impressive thing, which I found, is the rate at which they throw punches. By the way this is one of the styles which Bruce Lee learnt.


d_grail said...

1. moral policing or just a simple case of green eyed monster.You cant have it then destroy it.

2. Barkha Dutt has a history of going after bloggers. She had held a panel discussion on her show where she tried her best to run down the whole concept of blogging.This was when WarforNews was still a functioning blog.You can go through archived RSS feeds to get the dirt on what happens in news channels.

Rohit said...

The minions who did the crime, it may very well have been a mixture of envy and a desire to dominate. But I think the big bosses wanted to show that they were preserving the "Indian culture" and raking in support from people. And yes, such people exist.

A colleague of mine goes for Yoga classes, where there are some people of the "older" generation. In her class today, there were people who actually approved of the act!

I checked out WarForNews. Interesting stuff, but they seem to be defunct since almost two years now.