Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Where do you waste your time?

For me, it's the internet. So if you are talking about where I waste my time on the internet, then maybe I can speak:
  1. Gmail: I'm subscribed to few google groups and I need to read emails as soon as they come. Also who can forget the integrated GTalk.
  2. Yahoo Mail: Although no longer my favorite, I check it something like once an hour.
  3. Google Reader: I follow ~ 50 feeds. Then there are feeds which my friends share which I need to read.
  4. Twitter: This is a recent one. Although I don't follow many people (6), the updates from everyone come at a decent rate. And then you start replying ... and they reply back ... and it becomes like a chat visible to the whole world.
  5. Facebook: Facebook beats Orkut (just like Gmail beats Yahoo! mail). Why? It has a nice interface and all. But it gives you the minutest updates of what any of your friends did (are doing). If Pofu throws a virtual sheep at Tofu -- you will know about it. And what more? You want to know about it and follow it.
  6. Flickr: I end up using their 'explore' function too much. Also I have a Pro account.
  7. Youtube: Instructional videos, funny videos, inspirational videos, i-will-never-be-able-to-do-that videos, music videos etc. Then you watch the videos which your friends favorited. Then you watch the videos which Youtube recommends.
  8. Orkut: Yes, I occassionally check my 'scrapbook' and keep any eye out for upcoming birthdays.
  9. Wikipedia: Once every while I search for some item of interest and end up traversing the Wikipedia tree.
  10. Stack Overflow: I scout for interesting technical questions and answers.
  11. Blogger: How can I forget it? Although, not entirely a waste of time. I end up doing the edit, post, find-glaring-mistake/missed-point, re-edit, post ... cycle too much (this last point is one such example). Who wants to use the 'Preview' button?
And loop ... till someone calls for coffee.