Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What do you wanna do this weekend?

If you are in Bangalore, you have quite a few alternatives:
  • Be scared of going out, because you think the Sri Ram Sena goons will embarrass you and marry you off. It won't happen, but you can always give this as an excuse and enjoy a movie and a cold beer at your home.
  • Go celebrating in pubs as part of the "Pub Bharo" movement to thwart Sri Ram Sena. Which is not that special. I mean what do you do on weekends anyway?
  • Rock the weekend Iron Maiden style. I'm sure that we will see a lot of head-bangers from outside Bangalore coming for the concert. This should surely help the "Pub Bharo" movement at least.
  • For the computer programmers (respect to all the geek bros), we have the Yahoo Hack Day.
  • All couples who can run: you not only have the advantage of escaping when being chased by our friendly neighbourhood Sri Ram Sena, but you also have a chance to win fancy Nike t-shirts. The Nike Run Club is conducting a 4k couple run at Cubbon Park at 6 AM. Check it out.
Unfortunately I can't do any of the above. I'm off to Pondicherry to take of some running business.


Rake said...

go watch maiden...go watch maiden...go watch maiden..plz..go watch maiden ..after sending a pink chaddi!

Rohit said...

Once is enough.