Monday, 19 July 2010

Inception: Thoughts and Questions

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen "Inception" and want to, stop reading now. 

I saw Inception yesterday. It was a decent movie, but I didn't find it as amazing as people are claiming it to be.

Of course, it's a crime if you don't like a movie which is extremely popular and which everyone else around you likes. The movie's faithful army will try to defend it ferociously. Questioning your intelligence or giving arguments why you must be wrong. I have experienced this, when I said I didn't like "The Dark Knight" and "3 Idiots."

But I'm not saying I don't like "Inception." In fact I'm saying it's all right. Though that apparently is not sufficient -- I should love the movie!

That aside (and this is where the spoiler warning kicks in), I do have some questions from the movie:

  1. Why should a dream end because you die in the dream? What stops you from being a part of the dream, but not be alive? I mean, after all, it's a dream.
  2. Why does Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) trust Ariadne (Ellen Page) with so many of his secrets so quickly?
  3. When Cobb's wife, Mal, kills Fischer Jr, why does he (Fischer Jr) end up in the next level of the dream and not go into "limbo"? Same for Saito.
  4. During the final sequence, what's the kick for the 1st level of the dream? How do they wake up at end of the flight journey to LA? As the ending is a bit fuzzy and you are forced to question if everyone even does wake up, this might be hard to answer. 
Update: Certain theories which answer the questions above and a few more can be found here


    naveen said...

    I agree that Inception is ok.

    How about listing which movie is "awesome" according to you.

    I see a pattern with your movie reviews, but lets discuss that later once you answer my previous question.

    BTW why can I not comment anonymously on your blog, what are you scared of?

    Rohit said...

    @naveen: I could list the movies which I really liked, but it would be hard to put them in a ranking order.

    As far as anonymous commenting goes, I'm afraid of spammers.

    d_grail said...

    okay am one of those who got blown over by inception-agree its a normal heist movie but the setting is so superb...

    1 i dont know
    2 ellen page is a proxy for us, the viewer so that we understand the rules of the game when Cobb explains them and also Cobb's past
    3 Fischer Jr does go into Limbo from where page finds him
    4 Kick for the first level is the van hitting the water

    Rohit said...

    @d_grail: What I found out later was that there was no kick for the 1st level. The time for the dream just runs out and they wake up.

    vivek said...

    Inception is a dumb movie. Fundamentally flawed. A well told story - just that the story sucks.