Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy Birthday To Me -- 25

Finally I'm 25 -- the legal drinking age in Delhi. Nope, there are no other advantages associated with that age. And so continuing last year's tradition, let me talk (brag?) about the year which went by.

  • Jan - Usual running around. Ran the half marathon in the midnight marathon, which was a come-back event (I had fallen sick in Dec 2008).
  • Feb - Took up kickboxing classes at a place near my house. It had been my childhood dream to learn a martial art.
  • Mar - Ran up and down Nandi Hills (twice). Gave up kickboxing after my first sparring session, where I was left wounded and wondering: why am I paying money to get beaten up?
  • Apr - Went with office colleagues to Belur, Halebidu, Shravanabelagola. One of the most memorable one day trips I have ever had.
  • May - Ran the Sunfeast 10K with Rakesh. Also won a small-time office athletic competition held at our gym.
  • Jun - Bought a bicycle; started cycling to work and also did some long rides over the weekend. Another awesome trip to Dodamakkali nature camp with my chums.
  • Aug - Started the hard part of the training for the Kaveri Trail Marathon. Did my 20 miler and fell victim to Jaundice (more like Viral Hepatitis, but WTH).
  • Sep - Recovered from Jaundice. Started cooking on my own to fend against the bad viruses and germs which you gain by eating "bahaar ka khaana".
  • Oct - With physical activity out during the you-have-recovered-but-need-more-rest period, made a bunch of video recordings of songs on the guitar. For additional embarrassment posted them on youtube.
  • Nov - With the you-have-recovered-but-need-more-rest period over, started training (running/cycling) again. Ran the 25K in the Bangalore Ultra in a decent time. Started filling up applications for further studies in Amreeka.
  • Dec - Did my first sub 2 hour half marathon in the Bangalore Midnight Marathon.
So a good year, all in all. On the one hand, I wish I hadn't gotten Jaundice. But on the other hand, I wouldn't have learnt cooking (in my dictionary cooking == Dal-Chawal) and read so many books.

Whatever happens, happens for the good. I really hope I don't have to use the previous sentence next year.