Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Routine Post

Coming back to you after a three week hiatus. How have you been? Outstanding, I hope.
  • I came across Joggling few days back I was searching for how to run with a backpack. It's a sport where you run ... while juggling (jogging + juggling = joggling). Inspired by this I have been trying to juggle three tennis balls (notice how I qualified "balls"). I use the three ball cascade technique and can go for about 10-20 seconds without a drop. Apparently, the ball prices have gone up -- earlier (read over 10 years ago ... shit I'm old!) a Cosco ball used to cost Rs 20; now it's Rs 35.
  • In an act of self-discipline, which my mom is very happy with, I have decided to ban all computer usage -- not just internet usage -- from 5 PM to 8 PM on all days. I'm free to do anything other than use the computer. Till now, I have been able to perform this feat for two consecutive days (today included). It's been good. I have been reading books, washing clothes, playing the guitar, taking walks, sleeping etc. People who know me, might appreciate why this is a big deal.
  • Second time in two months, I visited Kerala. Again to attend a wedding. God's own country is still hot and humid. Fans and showers have no effect on sweat production. I was in the Trivandrum area and finally got around to see the Kovalam beach (albeit in the night) -- a place which I never visited while I was doing my engineering in Cochin. It was a fun trip, with good food, lots of Indian poker (teen patti) and (thank god!) air-conditioning.
  • I bought a Timex digital watch (Rs 945) to keep me company while running. Yes, I have a much more expensive, fancy gadget, which I keep showing off, but this is more for times when I don't want to risk my Garmin Forerunner. Like when I'm running in the rains and other situations as such. I hope a time comes, when I can measure distance by my stride and the time by the sun (clouds are seen by pessimists).


d_grail said...

i know pacing ie measuring distance wityh steps..i dont run and walk minimal...i have no use of my art :P