Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunfeast 10K: Prologue

The race is upon us. Two days from now, on Sunday, I will be running the Sunfeast 10K. The race start is at 8:10 AM. My bib has been collected and tomorrow is going to be a fun-filled rest day, with lots of carb-loading (read beer and pasta). Today was the last day of the training plan which I had been following for the past one month. I tapered off with an easy 5K run done at a 6:00/KM pace, followed by 3 x 100m sprints.

These are my goals for the race, in increasing order of difficulty:
  1. Finish the distance (easy ... peezy).
  2. Get a personal best (Current PB: 51:47)
  3. Finish Sub-50 min (that's what all the training was for)
  4. Finish Sub-48 min (only once have I gone below 24 mins for a 5k)
  5. Win the Open 10k (assuming lightning strikes everyone else)


pratyush said...

All the best dude :)

Rohit said...

Thanks dost.

d_grail said...

al da best!

Rohit said...

Thanks D.

Tanvir Kazmi said...

All the best, the goals are interesting, but I guess it is important to choose just one and try to stick to that, rather than change plans as you run. What say?

Rohit said...

@Tanvir: Yes sir, my main aim is the Sub-50 (which I didn't manage).