Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

We celebrated New Year's eve in Purple Haze (Koramangala). For those who don't know, Purple Haze is a song by the late great guitar virtuoso: Jimi Hendrix, and that's where the pub derives it name from. It has (AFAIK) three branches in Bangalore. The one in Koramangala is nearest to all our houses -- I can walk to the place -- and also the best. The pub plays LOUD rock music. It's not a place where you go to have a conversation, but to listen music and see interesting characters: the headbanging rock fan, the clueless-why-is-there-so-much-noise newbie, Mallu guys doing the Bhangra to "Sweet child of mine".

We often visit the place and I had hoped that we would go some place else, but didn't turn out to be. So once again, at 8 PM I was outside Haze. There was a cover charge of Rs 1000 for lively stags such as me. After paying up and entering, we got to see the special New Year menu; they had increased the price everything by 50%. They certainly weren't making me happy on the new year.

Beer was the weapon of choice, with judicious sipping recommended to everyone. The judicious sipping lasted for the first hour.

The music was predictable but good. They had gotten their big speakers out and you could feel the bass vibrate your body. It's a nice feeling and I approve and endorse it.

Things wrapped at 12:30 AM (yay Bangalore!) and I walked back home. It was a decent party.


Rake said...

yup..haze is aweso\m/e .. but damn..soo expensive!!

d_grail said...

you are tagged :)

Rohit said...


I have never been tagged before! Oooh .. I'm so excited and yes, honoured. Post due tomorrow :)