Sunday, 22 November 2009

Updates from Cochin

  • Getting your transcripts done from CUSAT is an expensive affair. The transcripts cost Rs 1200 per college (if the college asks for 2, the subsequent transcript costs Rs 600) and to get the mark-sheets + degree certificate attested cost Rs 1000. Total damages came around Rs 20K (heart-wrenching cry). I also get to go to Cochin again some time soon -- the mark-sheet attestation, in spite of the exorbitant charge, takes a week's time to get done.
  • The India Coffee House at the center of the CUSAT campus has closed down. It seems their lease expired and they didn't want to pay the new rent.
  • Cocoa Tree, the coffee shop, has taken down their post-it wall. I don't know why.
  • The city still hasn't really changed. I won't call it stagnant, but more like a lake -- moving, yet not going anywhere.


Rake said...

abbe mere papa se attest kara leta ullu!

Rohit said...

No dude, these American universities specifically ask for it to be attested by the Registrar. They don't accept attested copies by a gazetted officer.