Wednesday, 5 August 2009

One year of running

Yesterday saw me celebrate one year of running. That day last year, I ran my first 5 KM as part of the training plan for my first half-marathon.
  • Total Mileage -- 1809 KM
  • Three Half Marathons, One 10K.
  • 3 Shoes
So much sweat and pain.

But that aside, I enjoy the sport for its sheer simplicity. The fact that you can take it anywhere you want with minimum hassles.

I enjoy the feeling which you get when you are on the final stretch, your shirt drenched, you can hear yourself heave; heart thumping, and then you decide to push a little bit more -- teeth clenched.

This year also introduced me to the excellent community of runners here in Bangalore. Believe me, Bangalore is the place to be running. Be it weather wise, the places to run, the people, and the beer.

Going forward, I'm looking to successfully complete my first full marathon at KTM (training is going good, thanks for asking). Following which I'm going to focus on developing speed.

Let's see how that goes. ONWARD!


pratyush said...

Run Baby Run .... :)

Tanvir Kazmi said...

@Rohit: Thats some serious distance you have covered this year. All the best for KTM, almost there now after all the hard work!

Rohit said...


Rake said...

And you also got a chance to run with me..yah!