Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hypocrisy of Welfare

I want to help the poor, but I won't. 
I will not give money to the charity-worker; he might be swindling me.
I will not give alms to the beggar; he looks fit and could work.
I will not buy from the poor person selling balloons; I don't need balloons.
I want to help the poor, but I won't. 


Rake said...

nice! \,,/ .. this could become a metal song!

Rohit said...


seeker said...

I don't think some one with an engineering degree or well to do background, begs in the street and I don't know how many open-minded people give jobs to the beggar or any bank which gives loan to a beggar to uplift them.. When I see the pain in the poor kid's eye selling balloon, the awe at which he looks at another one with a school uniform, and the self-dignity with he is not begging and selling something, I don't calculate whether I need a balloon or not.. and I really don't know whether people think about getting swindled while paying a few hundreds as tax at Pizza hut!!

Note: These are just my stands, and not an imposing! Off-course I admit the fact that there are a notable percentage of people misusing the compassionate nature of others.

Anoop H said...

nice piece!

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