Sunday, 13 June 2010

The DF Dudes

Yesterday my good friend Rakesh told me about the 'DF Dudes.' He was in BITS Pilani, to write an exam where he first discovered these guys, although I'm sure everyone knows people like these.

The DF Dudes are categorized by their frequent usage of the words 'Dude' and 'F*ck'. Where the word 'Dude' is used to express disbelief. 'F*ck' is used to denote astonishment, as the prior object of disbelief turned out to be true. Each word is used in an elongated manner and should take at least 3 seconds to say. So 'Dude' is actually 'Doooooood' and 'F*ck' is 'Faaaaaack.'

This shall become much clearer with examples:

Example 1 --
Guy 1: 'My flight is delayed by 2 hours.'
DF Dude: 'Dooooood?!!'

Guy 1: 'Seriously.'
DF Dude: 'Faaaaaaack!'

Example 2 --
Guy 2: 'India won against Zimbabwe.'
DF Dude: 'Doooooooood?!'

Guy2: 'Seriously.'
DF Dude: 'Faaaaaack!'

So watch out for these DF dudes. Maybe you are one of them.

P.S: Rakesh, sorry if you were planning to write a post on them.


Rake said... man its cool.

Nikhil said...

ha ha ha ha....yeah i will call thm DF dudes too