Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sunfeast 10k 2009: More news

For an event which once boasted of being the world's richest 10k (now, they say it's the world's premier 10k), the Sunfeast 10k organizers are putting up a poor show.

First off, their website is designed in such a convoluted way that you can't find the information which you are looking for. For example, say you want to find out what are the different race categories. How do you go about doing that? I clicked on "Race Profile" only to find two useless links pointing me to the "Race Director" and "Awards and Accolades". After a lot of curious mouse-clicks, I finally came to know that the race details were actually under the "Registrations" link! But even that page didn't outline the required details such as when will the race start? The "Sitemap" page shows nothing but whatever links which they already show on the left pane!! I mean come on! How lame is that?

Finally, I gave up and relied on Google to find out the race timings. And again, this year too, the Open 10k race is going to start at 9 AM. Bangalore is being blessed with some mild evening showers of late, but till now it has been one of the hottest summers. The late morning start for the race will most likely make it tough.

The route is the same as last year's. There is no baggage store being provided by the organizers. The timing chip has a one time non-refundable cost of Rs 200.


Rake said...

man!..u are soo right!.. i spent some frustrating hours trying to register for it. There were errors on that page. It was down for 2 whole days. Wonder who made that page for them.

Tanvir Kazmi said...

Absolutely right. Not only Bangalore, I guess this poor design is being followed by all Procam related websites like Delhi (and probably Mumbai). I wonder who is the genius who came up with the design.