Sunday, 14 December 2008

No check-in baggage

This time I had to rush to Delhi. Few of my friends thought that my recent illness could be indicative of typhoid -- which, fortunately, it was not. But it got me scared enough to take refuge at home sweet home. I only packed a single air-bag. Two shirts, two jeans, two jackets, one sweater, my shaving kit and medicines. Talking of medicines, I had taken a bottled syrup for my illness. I had put it in my bag, knowing that it was not allowed. I thought I would run a social experiment to my benefit. Either the security guys would catch sight of it, or they would let me pass and give me the opportunity, like many media journalists these days, to show how lax the security is despite the terror attacks. They did find the bottle. On explaining that it was medicine for my ailment, the security incharge suggested, "Yeh aap pi lijeye" (please drink it). I considered the offer and decided not to. Instead I donated the bottle to them -- they could drink all of it.

Anyway, I had packed very little into my air-bag and that was going in with me on the flight. I hate carrying bags which I need to check-in. I don't remember when I last carried any check-in baggage on a domestic flight. There are few reasons for this.

I hate waiting. On any journey I'm just looking at when the next phase will get over. When I start from home, I will be waiting to get to the airport. When I get to the airport, I will be waiting for the airline to start boarding. Once inside the flight I will be thinking when the plane is going to take-off. Once taken off, I will wait for it to land. Once landed I will be waiting for the seat-belt lights to go off -- which not many people do; they happily decide to take down their luggage while the plane is still taxiing. Now once out of the plane and in the destination terminal, the wait for the luggage is the last straw. Not only do I need to wait, I end up worrying whether my luggage got lost or damaged in transit. It never has, but I always do worry.

So here I'm with things from just one bag. I have loaned heavily from my Dad on the clothes front. I miss not having my running shoes, my garmin forerunner, my guitar -- I would never carry that on long journeys though --, my music player, my books and a lot more. They should let people carry more luggage in flight!


d_grail said...

I carry 45 kgs of luggage as I jump cities with all my possessions in the world. This means stand in line for check-in, try to slip in extra luggage without paying and if they don’t agree then take it as cabin baggage. And you know how they tie up the zipper mouth of the check-in bags with bright plastic. I can never open it with my hands so I carry a pair of scissors for them. Now some airports catch the scissors, some don’t. Delhi and Bangalore have caught it. As a result I have donated 3 to the airport authorities. And have to buy a new pair on my way after disembarking.

Rohit said...

Yeah, I also have never figured out how to get rid of those plastic zippers. But 45 Kgs .. WOW .. that's a LOT!

Rake said...

oye ..if i pack in some beers would they say "yeh aap pi lijeye?". Why dont you try that as the next social experiment. It wud be cud be my guinea pig. I have loads of social experiments up my sleeve.

Rohit said...

I'm pretty sure if the guy notices that it is beer, he won't let you drink it. But beer in a cough syrup bottle, who knows?
On the other hand, you can always tank up and board the plane.

Rake said...

oh yaar..if we tank up the hell would that be a social experiment!! .. kya yaar!