Tuesday, 25 November 2008

500 KM

I still faintly remember the first day I joined the office gym. I was supposed to undergo a fitness test. After asking some questions and taking some measurements (weight, height), the physio asked me to hop on to the treadmill. I was given an option of either covering 1 KM, or run/walk on it for 6 minutes. Me being a smart lazy fellow, took the second option: 6 minutes. I managed 700 meters in the allotted time and almost collapsed. I was struggling to breathe; my heart was pounding. I struggled back to my cubicle.

That was 6 months ago.

Today I look at how far I have come. Over the period of the last 4 months [1], I have run 500 KM.

I'm patting my own back, but consider this. I had no company to run. My shoes, until recently, were in very bad shape. Due to my foot size I couldn't get a new pair in India. I used to run mostly on the treadmill because I didn't have proper shoes, and that is not the most entertaining thing unless you are a hamster. I religiously trained for the half-marathon and even when I finished it, still kept running. I had enough excuses to stop, but I didn't. I'm proud of that.


Not counting the first two months; I had not started maintaining my log then.