Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Very poor to poor (to fair)-- Yay!

VO2 max is a fancy term to tell how efficiently your body processes oxygen. Most of it is decided genetically, but some of it can be decided by your training. I started in the very poor bracket. Recently though, I pulled of a 5k in 26 min 54 sec and a 10k today in 58 min 43 sec; and now I'm in the poor bracket -- woohooo!

Want to find your own VO2 max? Go right ahead.

Update (31st Oct 2008): Did a 5k in 25 min 23 sec. VO2 max: 37.6. I'm now in the "Fair" bracket -- Woot!


Rake said...

I run 3.8 kms in 30 minutes at like reallly poor ???

Rohit said...

Yours comes out to be 22.2. Anything less than 33.0 is very poor.