Saturday, 27 September 2008

The ten miler

I had thought that I would be running 16 KM in GKVK, but instead it ended up being a run in Cubbon Park. Being my first run outdoors and 16 KM being a respectable distance, I was slightly apprehensive. I had only ever run on the treadmill. I always used to run in the afternoons and this was an early morning (6 AM) run. This was the longest distance I had ever aimed for. What if I didn't make it?

The Cubbon Park loop which I ran was 4.25 KM (one fellow runner told me it was 4.3, another said 4.2, so I took the average). At the onset I decided to do 4 loops. Within the first loop itself I discovered that running outside is much different from running on the treadmill. And although at the end of the first loop I found out that I had maintained the same pace I was used to on the treadmill, it was a bit harder.

I took it one loop at a time. A single loop split two halves. Each half further: one step in front of another ... onward.

At the end of an hour and forty seven minutes, I was finished: 4 loops, 17 KM.