Sunday, 30 March 2008


Around an year back because of a certain amount of boredom and curiosity, I started writing an 8051 simulator in C#. I called it Simsharp, and managed to convice the guys at sourceforge that it was worthy of being hosted. I worked on it an hour a day for two months and then, when it was almost done, I stopped.

Few days back a friend of mine, who wanted to use an 8051 disassembler, asked me for my project. I couldn't give it to him because I had never done a release. The only other alternative was to ask him to check out the source from SVN and build it, which of course was tedious. So, I apologized and asked him to look elsewhere.

Today, after almost an year after I started, I put together a pre-alpha release. The source and binaries can be downloaded from the downloads page.

The simulator is hidden underneath a debugger. A debugger which itself runs with the help of the Boo interpreter.

There is support for the following in the debugger:

1. Loading of intel hex files
2. Disassembling the entire code.
3. Adding/Removing breakpoints.
4. Reading the internal RAM.
5. Reading the registers.
6. Single step
7. Run

I hope its of use to someone (other than the college students who will make this their course project).